KJ4ACN Lakeland D-Star to be QRT

A Message from KD4EFM

After 12 solid years of service and the first gateway in Florida constructed, Its use has come to a minimal amount on the system and is going to be closed.

The following users will need to contact me ASAP.

You will need to reregister your callsign on the national server to continue using D-Star. Please login to KJ4ACN and remove your entries and that will help speed up the process. IF you don’t know your password, email me and I will reset it.

KJ4ACN is going to be de-constructed after 10-15-2015,
any user that has not contacted me, I will remove them from the
System before final purge with the rest of the network and the server removed from D-Star Service. The USER will have to re-apply through the national registration Server.

Posted by: “Evans F. Mitchell; KD4EFM / WQOD 582” <[email protected]>